Sunday Quicktakes


Matthew and I have a big plan to train all summer for an intense hike up the famous Long’s Peak with our friend, Julio. He did the summit last year and has been our hiking guide and buddy on a few hikes so far. We have other fourteeners (14,000+ foot summits) in mind as well, but Long’s is a serious challenge. The round trip total is 16 miles with a 4800 ft elevation gain. You have to start the hike before dawn in order to get back in time, since severe thunder and lightning storms occur above tree line almost ever afternoon. I’ve been doing a hike each weekend, checking off on the list some of the nearby front range peaks. Hopefully we’ll be on track to do Long’s in late August.


Here are a couple pictures from my hike this morning. This is the 3rd Flatiron. And next is Boulder from above.


We’re going to NC in 2 days! Boogie time with lots of friends. I will get to see my Mom and sister only briefly, but they’ll each be coming out west this summer for more quality time.


Gardens are shaping up nicely. We decided to do 2 standard raised beds, and a taller but shallow raised lettuce/radish bed. Matthew built them all of course. We also constructed an herb spiral out of landscape rocks. It’s a technique that provides different micro-climates for a variety of herbs. Shady, moisture-loving herbs like chives and chamomile go on the bottom towards the north side. And arid, sun-loving herbs like rosemary and lavender go up top. We are currently growing a variety of herbs – those mentioned plus: strawberries, 2 types of basil, marjoram, sage, tarragon, dill, yarrow, lemon verbena, thyme, oregano, and probably more that I can’t think of right now.


I will share the “before” garden pictures from a few weeks ago, and some updated pictures in the near future.

Raised beds for tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, beets & carrots.

The start of the herb spiral.


Work is continuing to go well. I still feel like a 2nd year grad student most of the time, since I don’t know too much yet about the science I’m working with. But I talked to several senior researchers lately who said the best thing that ever happened to them was switching science topics completely between grad school and a post doc. They said the extra effort and temporary lost feeling is worth it in the end. We’ll see! I could have barely told you a thing about radiation science this time last year. But I’m working on catching up…


I have been playing around with my pinhole camera cap for my micro-4/3 camera. Here are some examples:


More-completed herb spiral

Our home

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