Pigs in the Workplace and other Quicktakes

Forget Friday quicktakes. Who has time during the work week to blog? It’s Saturday quicktakes from now on. SQT, bitches.

Some weeks ago, a pig agility show took place in the building where I work, for some reason (a person’s retirement party, I think?). And while pigs in the workplace may sound like a crazy concept, it was actually quite adorable and awesome. The pigs were super well-behaved. They did tricks for Cheerios. Here you can see Digger pushing Mudslinger on a skateboard.

Taken on Lauren’s phone!

While I was in CA, the news was full of starving sea lion pup stories. Almost every story had a sentence like this one: “For some unknown reason that we’re still researching, their food prey has moved to another location in the ocean and the sea lion pups can’t get to it.” Or: “We have no clue what happened to all the fish.” Idiots. People ATE all the fish. Fishing is an enormous industry (like the oil business) and similarly, it tends to want to keep bad press headlines such as “Overfishing is endangering sea lion population” out of print. But certain scientists not beholden to government pressures have been speaking out about this issue for years, and hopefully they will be heard more often. Stop eating fish, people. Get your Omegas from plants like a boss. If not for your own damn health, do it for the hundreds of starving adorable baby animals.

In recent conversation, I had yet another debate about whether or not using two spaces after a period is appropriate. I thought this issue died years ago! I thought it was only old people who still tried this awkward maneuver, but apparently not. Educate yourselves on the evils of two spaces.

Matthew had a very close encounter with a pair of mountain lions in the wilderness. Two morals to the story: carry a sidearm when walking in wild areas alone – and mountain lions can be damn scary. No mountain lions or Matthews were harmed in this adventure – but it was close.

The upside to wandering wild canyons is finding lots of antlers. So far, he has found a beautiful set of elk antlers and a matched set of large mule deer antlers, each side found a couple weeks apart. The antlers/bones/skulls ratio to other decoration in our home is rising rapidly.

A few weeks back, we went to Denver to see what turned out to be a pretty amazing show. Phosphorescent was playing – a band I first saw many years back in Greensboro, NC in a hotel basement when they were traveling around with the mostly-unknown Iron and Wine. Matthew Houck has grown his sound since those old days, and I’ve loved everything he’s ever done. They did an incredible show. Here’s a video of them doing ‘Song for Zula’ at a record station:

Must have been super sunny in that studio!

The opening band, Strand of Oaks, was a beautiful surprise. That guy is incredible – songs about space stations and living on the moon with ridiculously honest, confessional lyrics and (best part) an epic head of hair. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Strand of Oaks:

“Everyone I know will either move away or die”

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